5 New WhatsApp features launched recently


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All the new WhatsApp features launched recently including WhatsApp sticker, silent mode, unlimited backups and Private Reply

WhatsApp was developed as a basic messenger for all, but it has now become one of the most trusted modes of communication be it in your family, friends or even your in your profession.

Now, WhatsApp has introduced a long-awaited feature called the WhatsApp Stickers with which users will be able to express themselves better with the help of stickers apart from images, emojis, gifs . Here, we take a look at all the new WhatsApp features recently introduced which are said to improve the overall user experience to multifold.

WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp has started rolling out the new stickers support for Android and iPhone users and while there are 12 default WhatsApp sticker packs.  WhatsApp users can also download third-party sticker packs directly from Google Play.

Here’s how you can send Whatsapp stickers from you phone

  1. Update your WhatsApp app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Go to your app store and search WhatsApp
  3. Tap on the update option.
  4. The size of this update will be around 30MB and after the updating process is finished, open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone.
  5. Go to any chat thread and tap on the emoji button which is placed next to the type box.
  6. At the bottom, there will be a new category of Stickers along with emoji and GIFs buttons.
  7. Tap on the stickers icon and choose a WhatsApp striker you want to send.

WhatsApp Private Reply

The Private Reply feature was recently introduced for Android beta users with version 2.18.355, and it allows you to privately send messages to a member in a particular WhatsApp group without letting other members in the same group know.

In order to use this WhatsApp feature, you will need to download/update the latest version of the Android beta app.
Here’s how you can use this ‘Reply Privately’ WhatsApp feature.

How can you chat privately on WhatsApp: Here’s a step-by-step guide

  1. Since the feature is currently available on;y for WhatsApp beta users, you will have to be a beta tester of the app.
  2. Existing beta users will need to update to the latest version of WhatsApp beta i.e. 2.18.335.
  3. Once the app is updated, navigate to any WhatsApp Group and long press on the person’s name whom you want to reply privately.
  4. Now, tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the app and select the Reply Privately option to send your message privately.
  5. Your message will be received by the contact as a personal chat.

WhatsApp Silent Mode for Android users 

When it comes to new WhatsApp features, the messaging platform has also introduced the “Silent Mode” feature which essentially hides the notification dots for muted chats. WhatsApp users won’t see how many new messages they have received in that chat from the app icon on their Android smartphone, once they have enabled this feature. Reports suggest that this feature has already been enabled by default while there is no option to turn it off from the Settings menu.

Picture-in-Picture video feature for Android WhatsApp users

The Picture-in-Picture video mode was first introduced for iOS WhatsApp users and this new WhatsApp feature has now been introduced on Android OS as well with beta version 2.18.301. This feature essentially allows users to watch Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos within the messaging app itself through a small window. Users will also be able to tap on a YouTube link in order to open the video on YouTube.

However, picture-in-picture mode only works on a particular chat on Android phones, and if the navigates away from the particular chat, the feature stops working. While iPhone users can navigate away from the chat and still have PiP mode, the feature is yet to be seen on Android.

WhatsApp Unlimited backups

From November 12, all your WhatsApp backups won’t be counted against the limited Google Drive storage of 15GB and you can enjoy unlimited WhatsApp backups without worrying about the Google Drive storage limit. It is worth noting that WhatsApp media and messages backed up on Google Drive won’t be protected by WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption rather, they will be protected by Google’s encryption.

How to backup or restore your WhatsApp chats

Step 1. Open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone

Step 2. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu and scroll down to  ‘Chats’ options.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Chat backup’ option.

Step 4: Click on ‘Back up to Google Drive’ option and choose a backup frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or manually)

Step 5: Choose the Google account on which you want to back up the WhatsApp chat history.

Step 6: Now, click on the Back up over Wi-Fi/Cellular data or both to backup.


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